Apply for the Fanshawe Assistance Bursaries to be considered for multiple bursaries each term. Please review other available bursaries and apply if you are eligible. Questions: studentawards@fanshawec.ca
Application Period:
21-Feb-2024 to 31-May-2024

Applicants for the Fall 2024 Schulich Builders Scholarships program must meet the following criteria.

Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.

Must demonstrate financial need.

Upload one letter of reference to this application that confirms a strong work ethic and character from someone directly connected to the student (preferably, a high school staff member, employer, co-worker or community service organization).

Enrollment in one of the full-time programs listed on the website page Schulich Builders Scholarships.

Be willing to act as an ambassador and promote the skilled trades and the Schulich Builders Scholarships in high schools and the wider community.

Application Period:
18-Mar-2024 to 31-May-2024

Accepting for Fall 2024 Applicants

Available to students enrolled full-time in any program at Fanshawe College, in their first year of a post-secondary program.

Students must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person/Refugee.

Student must meet Ontario residency requirements.

Students must have graduated from an Ontario high school within the last three years.

Students must demonstrate financial need.

Upload a letter of reference from an individual who is aware of your personal circumstances and can speak to your resilience in the face of adversity and potential for success in their post-secondary studies.

Renewal criteria: To keep the bursary, recipients must commit to working with a mentor each year throughout their program. A brief report from the recipient on their mentorship involvement will be required each year before they are qualified for renewal of this award.

Application Period:
18-Mar-2024 to 30-Jun-2024

Accepting for Fall 2024 Applicants

Enrolled or attending full-time, post-secondary or post-diploma studies at Fanshawe College for the first-time.

Starting in the fall term (September) apply in the spring.

Starting in the winter term (January) apply in the fall.

Starting in the summer term (May) apply in the winter.

(Hint: Search “entrance” for application dates).

Student must demonstrate financial need.

Student must meet Canadian Citizenship requirements.

Student must meet Ontario residency requirements.

Application Period:
08-Mar-2024 to 17-May-2024

Current full-time post-secondary students in the winter term (minimum 60% course load, 40% for students with a verified permanent disability).

For students NOT attending full-time school/studies in the summer term and returning in the next academic year.   

Student must meet the Canadian citizenship criteria. 

Student must demonstrate financial need. 

Student must be in good academic standing. 

Unique bursary opportunity: If approved, students can search and apply for available work-study jobs.


Application Period:
06-May-2024 to 24-May-2024

Accepting for Summer 2024 Applicants

The Fanshawe Assistance Bursary (FAB) is a general bursary. 

Student must be full-time post-secondary in the current term. 

Student must demonstrate financial need.  

Student must meet the Canadian Citizenship criteria.  

Eligible FAB applicants who meet financial need, will automatically be considered for up to 130 other bursaries.